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Thursday, 1 September 2011

I'd Choose to be a Daisy

I'd Choose to be a Daisy

I'd choose to be a daisy,
If I might be a flower;
Closing my petals softly
At twilight's quiet hour;
And waking in the morning,
When falls the early dew,
To welcome Heaven's bright sunshine,
And Heaven's bright tear-drops too.

I'd choose to be a skylark,
If I might be a bird;
My song should be the loudest
The sun has ever heard;
I'd wander through the cloudland,
Far, far above the moon,
And reach right up to heaven,
Where it is always noon.

And yet I think I'd rather
Be changed into a lamb,
And in the fields spend pleasant days
A-playing by my dam.
But then, you see, I cannot be
A flower, or bird or lamb.
And why? Because I'm made to be
The little child I am!

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