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Monday, 11 June 2012

Jane Austen - Persuasion


  1. Jane Austenites such as myself dive in most willingly and blissfully into her stories. We bask in the sway of waves bearing her lively pitch, her precise and playful interaction with the language - and we bemusedly acknowledge that such magic has never even yet come close to being rejuvenated by anyone, despite so many attempts made within the some 200 years since her novels were written.
    PERSUASION quaintly commences on a quiet country estate in Regency England, and on a fanciful whim journeys on through to the seaside resort of Lyme, thence onward through the social promenade of Bath. The story follows Anne Elliot, daughter of snobby baronet, Sir Walter Elliot. Anne is the middle daughter, in between older sister Elizabeth, the apple of her father's eye, and married younger sister, Mary Musgrove. Jane Austen makes very good use of her exquisite wit in the depictions of shallow, haughty Elizabeth and selfish, frivolous Mary.

  2. I'm so pleased to come across another Jane Austen fan! Her books are truly unique and have an unmirrored charm. 'Persuasion' is one of my favourite of her books, although they are all special in their own way. Her characters are so memorable and I think that the fact that they're still as true today as they were in the Georgian era shows how real her characters were and how accurate her observation of the many facets to the human personality, so brilliantly depicted in her novels. Such talent!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your comment!